Morfyus League Partners with Upcoming PVP Battler Dracoo Master

Morfyus League
3 min readJun 15, 2022


Morfyus League is incredibly excited to announce a strategic partnership with Dracoo Master, the first blockchain-based card game owned and governed by its community.

Dracoo Master gives players the ability to breed, upgrade, customise, trade and battle Dracoo, creatures that display stunning powers and abilities. We have been granted exclusive demo keys for our team of expert gamers to test out the gameplay. They are reporting back that Dracoo Master is intensely enjoyable and engaging.

Dracoo Master presents three gameplay modes: Sacred Peak Adventure (player vs environment), Arena (player vs player) and Guild War (guild vs guild).

In Sacred Peak Adventure, adventurers advance up the Sacred Peak through completing numerous missions and games. Along the way, they collect valuable Dracoo points as well as DRA Coins.

Meanwhile, in the Arena of Sacred Park City, players challenge each other to win DRA Coins and compete to gain and hold their position at the top of the leaderboard. Players curate custom decks from up to 200 cards and tens of thousands of possible strategies. This gives every battle a unique set of challenges and paths to domination.

As well as taking part in guild wars, where we will jointly defend our homeland and lead attacks on our enemies, Morfyus League members will have the opportunity to design and trade unique Dracoo, as well build custom game modes and maps

Every day, players get presented with new missions. By completing these, they earn $BAS, Dracoo Master’s own in-game token. This system guides new players progressively through the game as well providing incentives for continued and regular involvement.

Morfyus League is excited to support Dracoo Master and has invested $190,000 and acquired Dracoo NFTs and governance tokens.

Dracoo Master is currently available in beta mode for eager gamers to try out, and with the public game launch around the corner the community is gearing up for endless hours of fun.

About Morfyus League

Morfyus League is an organisation that eliminates geographic and socioeconomic boundaries to enable individuals globally to thrive in the metaverse. We are committed to leveraging P2E as an opportunity for individuals to upskill and prepare themselves for lifelong success in the new digital world. Morfyus League aims to be the leading gaming guild in Southeast Asia and ultimately globally. Our growing international community is available for anyone to join and discover their true potential as they embark on a new prosperous life in the metaverse with Morfyus League. We are built to last and offer a diversified gaming portfolio and learning initiatives to ensure constant growth and earning opportunities in the metaverse.

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About Dracoo Master

Dracoo Master is a deck-building game based on the blockchain, where players battle Dracoo in various gameplay modes.

Dracoo Master is the latest game from RADBUG, a gaming company with a core team drawn from Garena, LINE Games, Square Enix, Rovio and MiHoYo. The team have played leading roles in developing games such as Cross Gate, Night of Full Moon, Genshin Impact, EXOS⋅HEROES and Free Fire.

Dracoo Master is leading the Web3 gaming field as a complete metaverse platform combining tokens, NFTs, in-game peer-to-peer communication and multiplatform streaming connections.

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