Morfyus League — Origins


Morfyus League has focused on bridging the metaverse gap for world citizens that are in the lowest economic group because they can reap the most benefits and on gamers because it’s easiest for them to transition into activities that they already love in metaverse economies. The intersection of these two groups has our immediate addressable market of over 1.5 billion people.

In the long term, we foresee the convergence and great migration of traditional gaming to the metaverse and play2earn type gaming models. There are roughly 2.7 billion recreational gamers that now pay to play games that would be happier to play games and receive monetary rewards for doing what they love for entertainment. We believe this ultimately could solve the even bigger problem of providing employment and happiness to a world that will increasingly become displaced by automation and robotics. Could this be used to help solve governments inability to provide universal basic income for those in need? Surely a high percentage of the market will have a meaningful income and meaningful lives in the gaming metaverse.

We also provide a solution to game developers. How can they create and sustain a game community that is durable and valuable to all the stakeholders? Developers need a critical number of players as early as possible to ensure players have others to interact with and for the gears of the in-game economy to start turning. Without the network effects growing constantly, games can fail.

Pioneers in play2earn like Axie Infinity have proven the possibility of making a living in the metaverse and reducing unemployment greatly in countries such as the Philippines and many others. Since then many other games have followed, some more successful than others.

Introducing Morfyus League

The Morfyus Growth Engine will enable and sustain our player ecosystem and connection between the real world and the Metaverse and propel us to our future to:

1.Bring huge economic change to 1 million gamers by 2026

2.Become the primary metaverse access point of our gamers and users because we create the first truly gamified organisation. We apply the core drivers of gamification to everything we do with our players and users.

3.Become the most valuable relationship for Play2earn game developers because we can test games on a massive scale with top gamers and they can create immediate market share and publicity through their relationship with us.

4.Eliminate all friction in everything we do by developing and using blockchain based automation, contracts and software including security, community, accounting, data tracking and sharing.

We are in the very beginning of the play2earn blockchain revolution in the Metaverse and Morfyus League aims to be the leading gaming guild in South East Asia and ultimately globally. Games are the gateway to something bigger, and Morfyus League will be a strategic pillar to the metaverse and virtual economies, providing the investment and human capital to grow and sustain the metaverse.

In the few months since our story began, we have built a strong online following and community of 50,000, supported over 500 scholars in 15 countries, increased our portfolio to 9 games through investments and partnerships, and driven the guilds returns to new heights. By monetising the metaverse, we are empowering every player to discover their true earning potential, enhance quality of life and build lasting connections.

We are still early in our journey and have big plans in store for the months and years to come to grow our P2E ecosystem and empower our community to play better!

The world is changing and so are we.

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