Morfyus League Expands Play-to-Earn Game Portfolio with Investment in SHRAPNEL

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4 min readMay 28, 2022

Morfyus League is very excited to announce it has entered into a partnership with SHRAPNEL, the world’s first blockchain-enabled competitive multiplayer AAA FPS game.

We have seen many games in Web3 but SHRAPNEL takes it to a level that’s not been seen before and we can’t be more excited to get playing. The partnership brings tremendous value to both communities and we are proud to be supporting SHRAPNEL as they set the new frontier in blockchain gaming.

With this partnership, Morfyus League has invested $160,000 in SHRAPNEL, giving Morfyus League access to numerous NFTs (land, headquarters and armory, skins and weapons) to gear up and equip the League, unlocking new opportunities and scholarships.

With our partnership, Morfyus League will empower our members to test their skills and partake in blockchain gaming at a competitive level popularised in shooter games like Call of Duty, Fortnite and Counter Strike.

We will focus first on introducing our community to the game and educating them on the in-game mechanics and gameplay strategies in this high-stakes extraction-style shooter. Scholars will have significant opportunities in the game as they carve their own pathway in SHRAPNEL’s creator-led economy, where they have the ability to design and customise unique skins for the League’s weapons and operators.

What makes SHRAPNEL different from successors in P2E is that the platform allows players significant control of the game based around the SHRAP token, with which players can participate and vote in platform governance proposals, and use it for staking and purchasing various player-created content (PCC). PPC includes maps, map objects, skins and vanities, which can all be traded in the Marketplace.

Shrapnel Concept Art
Shrapnel Concept Art

SHRAPNEL is based on a story set in 2038, where an immense asteroid has collided with the moon, bombarding the Earth along a 500 km-wide band that was evacuated and became known as the Sacrifice Zone. Following the discovery of rare and valuable minerals amongst the debris of the asteroid, Mercenary Extraction Forces (MEFs) have formed to enter the Sacrifice Zone and battle it out with other MEFs to extract resources.

The League is ready to dominate the battlefield and will be working closely with SHRAPNEL over the coming months as they build out the community and game.

Shrapnel Concept Art

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Morfyus League is an organisation that eliminates geographic and socioeconomic boundaries to enable individuals globally to thrive in the metaverse. We are committed to leveraging P2E as an opportunity for individuals to upskill and prepare themselves for lifelong success in the new digital world. Morfyus League aims to be the leading gaming guild in Southeast Asia and ultimately globally. Our growing international community is available for anyone to join and discover their true potential as they embark on a new prosperous life in the metaverse with Morfyus League. We are built to last and offer a diversified gaming portfolio and learning initiatives to ensure constant growth and earning opportunities in the metaverse.

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Shrapnel Concept Art


With a BAFTA and Emmy award-winning team that has been behind some of the biggest franchises in modern entertainment, such as HALO, Call of Duty and Westworld, SHRAPNEL is the first AAA game developed on the environmentally friendly Avalanche blockchain. Players battle it out over SHRAPNEL, fragments of an asteroid rich invaluable minerals. Players are able to stake permanent claims on the battlefield and to develop their own vanity NFTs and customised gear for trading in the Marketplace.

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Shrapnel Concept Art